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Agent and distributor of major international companies in the agricultural and mechanical number

Al Shorok Group is a leading Egyptian company for several years in the field of agricultural production, hand tools And mechanical number.                     

Al Shorok Group has enjoyed the confidence of its customers over several years due to its excellence in choosing the finest Products to offer to the Egyptian market at the best prices. Because one of our goals is always the best And at the right price for anyone who chooses to deal with us.                     

Over the past several years, Al Shorok Group has been able to deliver efficient products Quality and excellence that increased customer confidence in the ability of Al Shorouk Group to provide everything Is a new and sophisticated number of tools.                   

Al Shorok Group is constantly seeking to keep abreast of what is new in the agricultural field In order to be the best choice for the Egyptian market.                   

Al Shorok Group has been able to offer a variety of tools and tools to suit All fields provide varied choices for customers.                 

Al Shorok Group has succeeded in gaining the confidence of major international companies by choosing their agent in Egypt and the Middle East.                  

Al Shorok Group is the agent of Freund Victoria, the largest German agricultural companies.                  

Al Shorok Group is the agent of the German company NWS, the largest hand and mechanical companies.                                 

Al Shorok Group is a representative of LOWE Company specialized in agricultural and manual.

Our products

We have all kinds of agricultural and industrial number

Freund Vectoria Company Products

Grass Cutting Machines

Scissors Electric Fences

Hand-made Cutters

Saws Agricultural




Branch Scissors

Scissors Of Reason

NWS Company Products

Electrical Safety Tools

Industrial Tools

Electronics Tools

Connectors and Cables

Building Tools

Gas and Plumbing Tools

Metal Forming Tools

Automotive Tools

LOWE Company Products

Anvil Ergonomic Pruner

Ergonomic bypass pruner

batil Company Products

Home use scissors

Home use scissors

Home use scissors

Carpa Company Products

Garden shears

Garden shears

Garden shears

Garden shears

Garden shears

Garden shears

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Alshorok Group

42 Abbas Al-Akad - Nasr City - Cairo

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